Tim Goddeau, Operations Manager, Micelli Chocolate Mold Co. talks about how the financing they received from Amur Equipment Finance helped to catapult their business by 60% in growth.

Video Transcript

Hi, my name’s Tim Goddeau and I’m the operations manager at Micelli Chocolate Mold. We are the only company in North America that makes industrial chocolate molds. Besides chocolate molds, we also produce display molds for the display industry. Any brand name you can imagine we’re the guys that make it.

I have a skill set where I come into companies and modernize them. I take companies from one level to another level and that was the opportunity I had here. Last year we had an opportunity to produce a large project for a domestic chocolate factory and we needed to finance some large equipment purchases for that project.

John from Amur Equipment Finance helped us get the funding quickly so we could move on the equipment, get it in place and manufacture the job to the time requirements of our customer. The financing that we received in the past year catapulted the business probably sixty percent in growth.

When anybody comes to me and asked me where they should be getting some financing, I think they should be talking to Amur.