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At Amur, we are dedicated to championing small businesses, like yours. Our commitment is to ensure the fastest, most seamless financing experience so you are equipped to grow your business quickly. But don’t just take our word for it; see for yourself how we’re Big on Small™.
Our Story
There is nothing small about small business, and after 25 years, we know how dynamic running one can be. Every decision, every sale, every customer means big impact. Whether you have 5 employees, 50, or 500, your dreams are big, and we have a track record of making them a reality.
Tailored to fit all of your financial needs

Tailored to fit all of your financial needs

Use our financing calculator tools to model the right options for you and your business.

Custom programs and payment options to meet your needs

100% financing so you can expense all costs (like installation & shipping)

Experienced partner who will work with you to create the right solution

Attentive customer service to get you financed quickly

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

We want your life to be easy – that’s why our Get a Quote tool is so important. You have the power to see what kind of financing is best suited to help you before you start the process, saving you valuable time and money.