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Accessibility Pledge

In a continuous effort to serve and support our community online and in person, Amur actively seeks to ensure our ecosystem, digital and otherwise, is easy to navigate and accessible to all audiences, regardless of ability.

We understand that our efforts to make Amur accessible to those with expanded sensory, mobility and/or cognitive needs ultimately increases accessibility for the entire community.


We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of the Amur’s digital content, as well as our physical locations. Please let us know if you encounter ADA or accessibility barriers at 888-272-1154.



In service of its mission, Bard College is committed to being a fully accessible community in which all students, staff, faculty, alumni/ae, and visitors are valued, engaged, and empowered to participate.

The College strives to continually improve physical, educational, and programmatic access and identify barriers that would otherwise limit full participation in the life of the College. The College encourages all community members to be actively engaged to advance this mission.”



To include:

  • are all videos going to be captioned or transcribed?
  • is alt-text available on the website, if not is the website still legible
  • does Amur have people who can interpreters (some places expand their accessibility statement to include people who speak other languages)
  • how accessible are the physical locations
  • who to reach out to if there is a question or concern about accessibility
  • what anticipated limitations might there be for users
  • Will be updated as we integrate new website protocols, etc.