Learn how Amur Equipment Finance has helped to understand the needs of DTM Packaging as well as the needs of their customers. Listen to Guy Tringale, Managing Partner of DTM Packaging discuss how partnering with Amur Equipment Finance has provided them the ability to be a full service provider to their customers, from bottling, to labeling, to complete solutions integration, to financing. DTM Packaging has become a simple one stop solution.

Video Transcript

Guy Tringle - DTM Packaging

At DTM Packaging, we built complete bottling and packaging lines. Everything from bottling and scrambling to filling to capping to labeling to complete systems integration for our customers. We work for the typical mom-and-pop type shop all the way up to some of the bigger multinational companies.

We met the folks from Amur here at this packaging show four years ago.  They came up to the booth, they asked if they could take, we said we would give them five minutes and we’ve been working with them ever since. But we do see a great value in having Amur working with us. We’re a full-service provider and we sell based on having the ability to provide the complete packaging line. Everything from the engineering services, to the equipment, to the installation. And the one piece we were missing was the ability provide financing. Working with Amur has allowed us to do that.

What I like about Amur, is that all I have to do is make a phone call and send them a copy of the quote and give them the customer’s name. You know, they work directly with the customer. It’s quick and it’s seamless and it allows our whole process of quotation to purchase order happen in a timely manner.