The Client

In business since 1947, Micelli provides injection molds to chocolate manufacturers around the world. Other industries served include specialty markets such as packaging and display,
image-sensitive cosmetics, and automotive. Micelli became a leading chocolate mold manufacturer by providing the industry with precise molds, superior quality, and speed. Micelli works closely with the most discerning chocolate manufacturers: large multinational brands as well as award-winning specialty artisans. With tens of thousands of artisanal molds and millions of industrial molds produced, Micelli has developed a reputation for consistency and reliability. As the only North Americanmanufacturer of polycarbonate injection molds, Micelli is at the intersection of artistry and engineering, and has led and adapted to changes in molding technologies.

The Need

Micelli was approached by a major domestic chocolate manufacturer to produce a large order on a very tight, firm deadline. Tim Goddeau, Micelli’s Operations Manager, realized he needed additional capacity in the form of a new high-speed injection molding machine to meet the production speed and quantity requirements of this customer. Tim immediately departed for China to inspect the new machine and upon his final recommendation, Micelli approved the purchase of the new manufacturing equipment. Understanding the need for a rapid and smooth finance approval, the equipment vendor recommended that Micelli speak directly with John Bortle, an National Account Manager at Amur Equipment Finance.

The Solution

The standard lead time for molds is 8-16 weeks; however, Micelli’s customer required a much shorter lead time, making this particular project unique. Micelli was under pressure to get the new equipment shipped to the US from China and in place quickly. John at Amur Equipment Finance was aware that timing a make-or-break issue for both Micelli and the end customer. Having extensive industry knowledge under his belt, John worked quickly to devise the best finance structure for Micelli organized the proper paperwork, and processed the application while providing Micelli with personal attention at each stage of the transaction.

Within the requested timeframe, Amur Equipment Finance provided the necessary financing. This enabled Micelli to sign the contract with the chocolate manufacturer, proceed with importing the injection mold machine, set up the equipment in their factory, train operators and most importantly, begin satisfying the requirements of the order from the major chocolate manufacturer.

The Result

By partnering with Amur Equipment Finance, Micelli received the required financing quickly and with a flexible structure that suited their specific needs, allowing them to focus on their core business of producing superior chocolate molds for their customer. Micelli’s new equipment purchase, financed by Amur Equipment Finance, has catapulted the company’s business 60 percent in the last year and will continue to fuel the growth of Micelli for the next two to three years. Tim Goddeau emphatically stated, “If anyone comes to me and asks me where they should be getting their manufacturing equipment financing, I without a doubt tell them they need to talk to Amur Equipment Finance.”

Micelli and AmurEF: Partners in Realizing Dreams

Micelli has a goal of becoming the world’s number one chocolate mold manufacturer, and Amur Equipment Finance is proud to help them make that dream a reality. Together, this partnership shows how AmurEF’s agility and dedication to customer service can enable its customers to convert opportunities into real business.