Social media platforms have become key business tools and equipment finance organizations should embrace them as an effective and important means to expand and enhance their business offerings.

By Jacklynn F. Manning


It’s time for the equipment finance sector to join the conversation. That is, the conversation happening on social media. What began as a fun and convenient way to simply stay in touch with friends has now evolved into a worldwide community, discussing a myriad of topics, including commerce. Social media is becoming, if it is not already, one of the most important aspects of digital marketing for businesses, and a deeply embedded part of our culture. Billions of people spend hours perusing posts, stories and videos on social channels like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. People have been using these channels to absorb a vast array of content for over a decade; however, it took businesses a while to catch on to the phenomenon. B2C businesses were first adopters as they saw these platforms as a quick and efficient way to connect with larger audiences. The B2B segment, however, maintained more traditional methods such as phone calls, conferences and networking events. While these traditional methods still have value, the effectivity and efficiency of social media platforms are substantially showing their worth in this new era – an era in which all stakeholders are now receiving information through their preferred platforms. Social platforms are now essential business tools to help you increase brand awareness, differentiate your business, boost sales leads, recruit talent, not to mention activate employees, partners, advocates and customers. According to the Hootsuite 2019 Digital report, with more than three billion people around the world active on social media every month, and nearly 90 percent of them consuming from their mobile devices, utilizing social media is an extremely valuable and important part of any business.


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