Amur is Built to Serve You, Our Vendor Partners

Welcome to the Amur Vendor Newsletter for June 2023! 

We are a company built to do one thing – provide equipment financing – and our entire staff of 275 people is organized around delivering an excellent customer experience to you, our vendor partners.  Headquartered in the town of Grand Island, Nebraska, every one of us takes great pride in the role that we play in helping you and your customers succeed.


We have built an industry-leading, technology-enabled platform to serve your needs. Many of our partners have connected to us through APIs, which allows applications to be seamlessly submitted and approved. We also have vendor and customer portals to provide real-time updates on any aspect of the business relationship you have with us.

We know your time is a precious commodity.  We aim to approve applications within 2-hours and our processing, underwriting, documenting, and funding teams work together to enable us to take an opportunity all the way to funding in less than 24-hours.

Importantly – Amur is a one-stop-shop, meaning that we do not outsource any portion of our business. We are a direct lender and your customers will always deal with our Nebraska-based teams when they need to speak to someone who understands their business.

No matter what, Amur is here to support the growth of your business.  We are built to serve you and ensure that you are EQUIPPED TO WIN. 

Amur can build you an Online Financing Page!

Amur would love to create a customized and branded digital landing page
for your customers to apply for financing online!

Click Here to See the Sample!

The landing page can be easily integrated into your business's website,
or you can share it with customers in-person to apply on mobile! 

Macroeconomic & Regional Bank Update

The good news – The American economy remains strong!  US jobs figures and gross domestic product have remained stronger than expected.

The bad news – Inflation remains well above the desired 2% target at 4.9%, which means that the Fed may have to raise the benchmark rate higher and maintain it through year end.

Given the elevated benchmark interest rate, regional banks have seen substantial increases in their funding costs as savers have begun to expect higher interest rates on deposits.  As a result, many banks have seen their net interest margins (the difference between the rate they earn on loans and investments and the rate they pay on deposits) begin to compress.

Stating the obvious, one regional bank CEO recently stated on a quarterly earnings call, “you can imagine when your cost of capital goes up, that the pricing and the other things that you're doing for those customers, frankly, will have to be even greater.”

Don’t be surprised if borrowing at your bank continues to be increasingly more difficult and expensive.  In the meantime, we remain here, ready to serve, as your trusted financial partner.

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