Amur Finance Company, Inc. (AFC) is pleased to announce the formation of a new subsidiary, Amur Helicopter Financial Services (Amur HFS). Amur HFS will address an unfilled need in the marketplace by offering a complete suite of integrated Fleet Management Solutions to the global rotor-wing market. The newly formed Amur HFS offers a broad range of leasing and financial solutions including: operating leases, finance leases, stub leases and sale/leaseback solutions to helicopter owners and operators around the world. Amur HFS works with its customers to develop customized fleet acquisition, management and disposition solutions for helicopters, their parts and accessories. Available services include inventory management, consignment inventory sales, airframe disassembly and Maintenance Repair and Overall (MRO) solutions.

Amur HFS CEO Neil Calvert said, “With a strong management team comprised of both technical and financial experts, Amur HFS is uniquely positioned to be one of the few full service helicopter solutions companies in the world.” He added, “We are delighted to be at the forefront of offering these much needed services to the industry.”

The comprehensive solutions offered by Amur HFS are designed to help rotor-wing owners and operators unlock capital tied up in assets while at the same time providing short-term lift requirements, continued operating solutions and minimizing transaction and management overhead costs. Amur HFS business offices are located in White Plains, NY and in Vancouver, Canada. For more information about the company, please visit us on the web at .

About Amur Finance Company, Inc.

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