Video Transcript

Kurt Horn - Dallas

The benefit of Amur for me has been they look at the stuff logically and it's common sense underwriting verses what the guidelines say. Guidelines are there but they look at exceptions if it makes sense. So, it's been a fruitful relationship for me, and they are our number one lender.

Rob Misheloff – Las Vegas

I’d call it a common-sense approach where it’s not just a simple formula and if there's a problem with an approval or something doesn't make sense, we can always go back to somebody and that's very helpful. It's a much easier transaction and we've been very happy with it.

Mike Cantarella – Greenville

It's the first time in a long time that I feel like we have a lender that is trying to figure out a way to make deals to happen that makes sense and I describe it as you know, it kind of really one of the only few the few that are out there that are more of a makes sense lender and that's what I appreciate about what they're doing so far.

Josh Phelps – Tampa Bay

One some of the exceptions that they made it has been a gift, so you know I don't experience that anywhere else.

Jamal Dean - Dallas

Well the experience has actually been great of you know when we were not started the transportation department Apple Capital, we wanted to be able to have a program that, that help the clients that are in the B and C tiers. There’s a lot of lenders that help the A clients, there’s a lot of lenders that help the D clients, and Amur seems to compliment the clients that kind of fall right in between. The speed and efficiency of decision making. We primarily are in trucking and a lot of those trucking clients need pretty quick answers and Amur seems to deliver that for us.

Marcos Silva – Dallas

I am a broker for Amur, and we are doing transactions now and that’s awesome. I would like to say thank you for bringing us out, and having a great time, and meeting a bunch of new people, and hope to do lots of business in the near future.

Guy Selinka – Atlanta

I’ve been working with Amur for about four years. They are a great funding source for us. They give us a lot of flexibility to do things outside the box for our customers and just a great resource to allow our business to grow with a partnership that we with Amur.

Unidentified Partner

The closing coordination from Amur is a seamless. if things keep going this way it's going to be some this is going to be a partner we can continue to scale our business with and that is invaluable to us.