Partnering With Us

Working with Amur is all about the relationship. We know your business is built by forming deep connections with your customers and ensuring they are always supported. We’re here to help make sure you always deliver.


Creative & flexible finance programs

Competitive Pricing
Being a direct lender enables us to deliver competitive pricing to help you win
Serving All Credit Profiles
From A credits to startups we serve all credit profiles because to you they all fall in one category: Customer
Fast Decisioning
You need answers fast and we deliver quick turnaround times to enhance your sales cycle
Application Only up to $500,000
Streamlining the process with applications only up to $500k helps you close more deals in less time.
Marketing Support
We go well beyond financing with email campaigns, tradeshow support, collateral to support your program and so much more.
Digital Integrations
Payment calculators embedded on your site, payments integrated with your equipment, online applications, and more help you capture your buyers' attention in the digital age.
Dedicated Industry Experts
Teams dedicated to knowing your industry, your program, your equipment and YOU
Prefunding Programs
Prefunding programs up to 100% help keep your cashflow in line and keep your focus on the customer.