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Being Big on Small means we know leadership is more than financing equipment. Using our internal resources and expertise, we leverage industry knowledge and generate thought provoking content that keeps you on the cutting edge of your industry.

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AmurEF Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight Series People are the engine of every great business, and our people are core to making our business...
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Unleash a Team of Brand Ambassadors Using Social Media

Social media platforms have become key business tools and equipment finance organizations should embrace them as an effective and important...

Success through Properly Managing Customer Expectations

The Importance of Managing Customer Expectations During the Sales Process When I was a kid, my best friend’s stepdad was...

Strong Growth in the Equipment Finance Industry

Strong Growth in the Equipment Finance Industry I often have opportunities to speak with industry professionals including lessors, brokers and...

Celebrating Independence Day, the Spirit of the American Dream

What Does the Fourth of July Mean to Small Business Owners? People all over the United States are getting ready...

Big Data and Machine Learning for Equipment Financing

  Providing Business Insight and Automation through Big Data and Machine Learning What is big data?  Is it just another...

What to Do When You Are Unable to Make Payments

Communicating with Creditors Is Critical When Facing Financial Hardship As a business owner you often enjoy a great deal of...

How to Enhance the Customer Experience

The Difference Between Customer Care and Customer Experience Why aren’t they the same? This is how customer care and customer...