Chris Lemone: Like other organizations across the globe, working from home has made it more challenging to connect with our vendor partners. Internally, we were an early adopter of video conferencing company wide, which has been a very helpful tool for virtual interactions; however, we recognize these tools can’t replace the importance of face-to-face conversations. We work hard to make sure we sit down with our partners regularly, not being able to do so has been tough, and we’ve definitely had to get creative on ensuring we reach out and stay in touch with them frequently.

But, as with any challenge, opportunities present themselves if you look deep enough. We’ve taken this opportunity to review our processes end-to-end to further streamline and improve the user experience. It seems like it’s been noticed — utilization of our digital offerings, including our online quote tools and our online application process, has surged.We’ve also used this time to identify and work with vendors that have not traditionally used financing programs, helping them uncover new marketing opportunities to maintain and expand their business. 

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