Learn how Amur Equipment Finance has helped the RMGT group. Listen to Don Hershiser, Owner, Graphics IV Ptg Eq & Supply, Inc., Chris Manley, Owner, Graphco, and Scot Gilbert, President, Paper Handling Solutions talk about the importance of Equipment Finance to printers in order to offer their customers the power of flexible financing programs.

Video Transcript

RMGT – Don Hershiser

Equipment financing is important to printers because banks are not really known for their ease of doing business with large equipment transactions or any equipment transaction for that matter. Generally, they want 20 percent down. With leasing, it frees up the customers’ money to be able to put it into his business rather than put money down with a bank.

Graphco – Chris Manley, Owner

Once that decision has been made to make the purchase, what I view as one of the huge advantages of Amur Equipment Finance, is that it works very, very quickly to process that deal through underwriting, to approve the deal in most cases, to document it and in a lot of cases to get us a deposit on the machine through the financing end, in sometimes 2 to 3 days. You can’t be in this business without having equipment financing. I think the question is probably better, which group are you going to work with, and I think the responsiveness that you have working with Amur is one of the key, key factors in making that decision.