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Being Big on Small means we know leadership is more than financing equipment. Using our internal resources and expertise, we leverage industry knowledge and generate thought provoking content that keeps you on the cutting edge of your industry.

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AMUR Equipment Finance is a Gold Sponsor of News Channel Nebraska's State Track Coverage

News Channel Nebraska (NCN), through a partnership with the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) and the NSAA, will broadcast live all track...

Data Integration with CRM

Importance of Data Integration Welcome back to the “Improving Your Business Performance with CRM” series.  In this series we cover...

How to be a leader in the workplace

Importance of Leadership in the Workplace In today’s business, leadership in the workplace is more important than ever.  With ever...

Improving Processes with CRM Process Automation

Automating Business Processes with CRM Welcome back to the “Improving Your Business Performance With CRM” series.  In this series we...

Improving Data Integrity with CRM

How A CRM Can Improve Data Integrity Welcome back to the “Improving Your Business Performance With CRM” series. In this...

Improving Data Transparency with CRM

What is a CRM System? As a business owner in a competitive market, you are always looking for key investments...
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April AmurEF Employee Spotlight

April Employee Spotlight People are the heart of every great business.  So, we thought we’d share a little information about...

Power of Search

In this “Power of Digital Marketing” series, we are going to cover a few more topics like content marketing, as...