Staci Moore is a senior account manager at Amur Equipment Finance’s Texas-based office. Working in the equipment finance industry for more than 13 years, Moore has always lived by the ethos of never burning bridges. This approach helps her form lasting and mutually beneficial relationships, leading to success for everyone. Moore is very passionate about providing exceptional service to internal and external customers. She works tirelessly to build solid and lasting relationships with vendors while earning a high level of trust.


“My vision for equipment finance is that as we continue to become more diverse and incorporate much needed technological advances, we don’t lose sight of the importance of relationships. We are here to help guide customers through trust and expertise. By keeping relationships central to what we do, we will ultimately provide lasting success and an exceptional reputation for our product and the industry.”

Since joining Amur a little more than four years ago, Moore has quickly garnered the respect and admiration of her colleagues. Moore’s broad knowledge and experience in the world of finance is irreplaceable.

“Staci brought a unique perspective to our industry that has proven valuable in many instances for Amur. Her automotive finance background has brought to light many areas where a deeper use of technology and a push towards automation create efficiencies needed to improve the overall customer experience within our industry,” Brent McWhorter, senior vice president of sales at Amur Equipment Finance, says. “The efficiencies and thoughts we have captured from her to-date have proven critical to our continued growth and ability to scale. Eliminating redundancy within our CRM system is one specific area where we have benefitted from Staci’s input. I am thankful to have Staci on my team.”

Moore is always the first to offer help and support within Amur. Recently, she agreed to take on an additional role in the training and onboarding of new salespeople. Her offers of help are never empty or unfulfilled as she has demonstrated by graciously continuing to remain a dependable resource for new and existing employees. When handling any task or project, Moore can always be relied upon to provide her full attention and follow-through.

As an Association of Finance & Insurance-certified individual, Moore continually searches for ancillary ways to improve herself and her work product. She has completed many management skills and customer services programs, including the American Management Association’s Management Skills for Supervisors course and Jim Jacobus’ Extraordinary Customer Service program.

Moore’s approach to building relationships and providing service extends to her personal life. She coaches youth volleyball, participates in community food drives and contributes to charities, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.