With ongoing initiatives to advance its service-centric ecosystem for small businesses and cultivate inclusion within its team, Amur is innovating from a technological and a cultural standpoint.

Amur Equipment Finance is dedicated to equipping its customers for success while being part of the current technological revolution. The Company also fosters an encouraging environment where team members can experiment and exchange new ideas. Amur considers its team to be the company's most valuable resource. It has been a certified Great Place to Work for three years in a row.

At Amur, innovation is not a goal unto itself but rather a continuous ethos. The company believes that by building and sustaining a welcoming, inclusive environment, innovation will occur naturally; everyone will contribute, share ideas, grow and thrive.

"It is our view that innovation is best achieved by creating a culture that is forward-thinking and always focused on growth"

In 2020, Amur's innovative efforts were concentrated on rebuilding more equitable systems by creating automation for all users and democratizing data. Ensuring that all working teams have access to data empowers employees on every level to make intelligent business decisions, which ultimately benefits the company as a whole.

Amur's digital transformation also focused on embracing the new economy and any special situations. In response to the Covid-19 crisis, the company quickly pivoted to become an approved SBA lender, providing Paycheck Protection Program loans to its customers and an additional segment of small businesses. This action aligns with Amur's mission to be the "Champion of Small Business." Amur also is committed to evolving its team by celebrating individuality, valuing unique perspectives and cultivating a culture of inclusion, fairness and belonging. 


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