What Does A Great Place to Work Look Like?

Just step inside the doors of one of our Amur Equipment Finance locations and take a look around. You will see an environment where co-workers genuinely like each other, respect each other and enjoy working together.

Our CEO and executive team firmly believe that our employees are our company’s greatest asset. They place an emphasis on a culture of caring which provides our employees with a sense of purpose and shared commitment to deliver on our company vision, which is to become the industry leader and employer of choice.

Every day at AmurEF you will find employees living out the company values of Commitment, Continuous Improvement, Respect, Teamwork, Integrity, and Fun. When you visit one of our offices, you will often hear an employee asking a co-worker how they can help. If you ask about our culture, you will hear stories about employees going above and beyond to help one another. This teamwork matters not just to the individuals who work within our organization, but also to the business, as we firmly believe that exceptional internal service leads to exceptional customer service.

An example of this internal service happened just a few weeks ago when one manager noticed that an employee in another department had a large stack of files on her desk. Instead of waiting for this employee to ask for assistance, the manager proactively approached the employee and offered to lend a hand. The employee was so grateful and won’t hesitate to pay it forward when the opportunity arises. At Amur our aim to is to make this type of action a reflex response, everyone is motivated to support our business and help their colleagues whenever the need may arise.

Amur EF’s Great Place to Work Survey Results

When our employees were surveyed, the Certified Great Place to Work results showed that 85% of employees agreed that AmurEF is a great place to work and 93% feel good about the ways that AmurEF contributes to the community. 95% of employees indicated that special events are celebrated, which creates camaraderie.

The local Harvest of Harmony parade showcases another example of how AmurEF employees believe in and live our value of teamwork. Our employees volunteered to design and build a float from scratch to enter in the parade in downtown Grand Island. Over 40 employees were involved in the float planning committee and participated in the parade. Together, they built an impressive float that earned 2nd place in the parade.

Our multigenerational workforce comprises 44% Millennials, 35% Gen- Xer’s and 11% Baby boomers. All of our employees here are true “dream chasers” looking to advance their chosen career path. Our workforce has expanded with our business growth, and every employee has the opportunity to advance within the company as far as their talent and drive permit.  At AmurEF we talk to employees about their interests and skills that they would like to see grow, and then we look for opportunities that support their careers and lifestyle. This may be why approximately 1/3rd of new hires in the last year came from internal referrals.

Find Your Dream Job

At AmurEF we are always looking for talented employees to join our team and to help us make an impact in the lives of the customers we serve every day. If you know anyone that would like to join our team of “dream chasers,” please have them visit the careers page on our website. We look forward to adding to our team of talented employees.