Meet Team Amur

Amur Team members are central to helping small businesses grow in big ways. We are a team of dreamers who are always ready to grow, lead, and achieve more.

Our People

kim adair

Kimberly Adair

brayden adair

Brayden Adair

Staci Aguilar

Staci Aguilar

vilma alber

Vilma Albers

blake anderson

Blake Anderson

Kezia Anderson

cathy archer

Cathy Archer

brook arrington

Brook Arrington

chance asquith

Chance Asquith

Lindsay Avila

kevin barnett

Kevin Barnett

lacy beard

Lacy Beard

jayde behlke

Jayde Behlke

Garrett Bell

karla beran

Karla Beran

eric bicknase

Eric Bicknase

melinda billington

Melinda Billington

amy bing

Amy Bing

leila otero

Leila Bittenbender

tori bloomberg

Tori Bloomberg

allison bondasak

Allison Bondasak

daniell garlick

Daniell Borgerding

evan borrin

Evan Borrin

ron bosco

Ron Bosco

Christopher Bough

Christopher Bough

anthony bowen

Anthony Bowen

Kyle Boysen

Kyle Boysen

Steve Bruhn

Zack Burghardt

Sammi Burrell